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The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. We influence public policy through education and advocacy.


December 6. All League members are encouraged to attend our Consensus Meeting for LWVK Study on Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking). We will discuss the results of the state League's two year study and provide answers to the study committee's consensus questions. For more information, visit our calendar.

December 11. Our December Brown Bag Lunch Meeting will feature Lawrence City Manager David Corliss, who will present his annual update about 2014 city endeavors and plans for 2015. All are welcome. For details, visit our calendar.

August 18. The Kansas Legislative Research Department 2014 Legislative Highlights was released on July 15. You can download the document as a pdf here.

The latest issue of The VOTER.

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Annual Meeting 2013

Fifty-two members and two guests attended our 2013 Annual Meeting, held April 20th at the Smith Center at Brandon Woods. Our featured speaker, Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger , told us about the Health Insurance Marketplace (Exchange) in Kansas, including what is in effect now and what goes into effect in 2014, and other aspects of implementation of the Affordable Care Act in Kansas. (Download Commissioner Praeger's presentation.)

New officers and directors elected at Annual meeting include David Burress (Co-President), Cille King (Co-President and President Elect), Marci Francisco (Vice President), Marjorie Cole (Treasurer), Caleb Morse (Secretary), Caroljean Brune, Scott Criqui, James Dunn, Ruth Gibbs, and Midge Grinstead, Directors, and Sharon Brow, Bonnie Dunham, and Kay Hale, Nominating Committee. Continuing in the second year of a two-term term as Directors are Margaret Arnold and Marlene Merrill. Photos soon to follow!